Booking Information

I will now be taking tattoo submission request forms. These forms help me to keep track of all of my design inquires in one place and also provide me with the basic information I need in order to schedule with my clients and get started on their design requests. My books will open every three months and I will take submissions for the following three months. Books will stay open until my schedule is filled. All submissions will be read and receive a response. I will be selecting projects that best fit my artistic style, rather than a first come first serve basis. I will do my best to give priority to return clients, and clients that have signed up on my wait list, but unfortunately I cannot guarantee a spot for everyone. If you have existing work by me that needs to be finished, please include a description of your piece in your submission request form.


How much do you charge? 
I charge $150 per hour, and $175 an hour for cover up and rework tattoos. For return clients with existing in-progress projects, i will honor the hourly rate quoted at time of original booking.

Do you charge a deposit?
Yes. I currently have a very limited scheduling availability, and am now requiring deposits for everyone. After your tattoo design has been selected, I will charge $100 non-refundable deposit at the time of your booking. This payment will hold your appointment date and will go towards the cost of your tattoo. In the case of a cancellation/no show/ or reschedule with less than 48 hours notice, another $100 deposit will be taken for re-booking.

Do you take walk-in’s?
No. I book by appointment only. Sometimes I have cancellations though, and when that happens I will post to Instagram and Facebook with with pre-drawn designs that I am interested in doing. These are available to anyone who can book on the available day to be filled.

What is your tattoo style?
I love bold colors and intricate line work. I prefer doing nature based tattoos, or tattoos with graphic line elements and patterns. I love designing custom tattoos that have meaning for the person I’m working with, and do my best to fulfill my clients ideas while adhering to my own artistic vision.

What is your artistic background?
I have been interested in art since a very young age. I excelled in painting and sculpture in high school, and became very interested in printmaking in college. I earned a BFA in 2008 from Marylhurst University, and earned my tattoo license in 2012 at the Oregon School of Tattoo Arts.

Why Swordfish?
While I wish I had an epic tale of a swordfish jumping into my boat while out at sea, I chose this name because I think Swordfish are really cool. They are highly migratory and I liked that idea complimenting the nature of my mobile studio.

Now Booking April-June 2024!

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