Thank you to Elizabeth who got this Tigger/Autism Awareness piece honoring her daughter who has ASD. ️ Today is also World Autism Awareness Day. My husband Curtis and I have both worked directly with children who have been diagnosed with autism, and have many close friends and relatives who also work in this field or who have children and family members diagnosed with ASD. #worldautismawarenessday works to “ensure acceptance and inclusion in schools and communities that results in true appreciation of the unique aspects of all people,” and hopes to get us “one step closer to a society where those with ASDs are truly valued for their unique talents and gifts.” For more information on Autism visit

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I forgot to post this memorial tattoo for Tiffany’s uncle Dave who loved his cactus garden and playing pranks on his family. One year Dave hid a hot pink feather boa in an unsuspecting family members luggage; a true WTF moment when they opened it at home and feathers went flying everywhere. This infamous feather boa ended up being sneakily passed around their family for over 15 years!! RIP Dave, you sounded like a hilarious person, I wish I could have met you! ️ #memorialtattoo #cactustattoo #featherboa #cowboyboots #uncledave #pranks #family

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Where are we heading?

Summer/Fall 2016- Claire Westover and fellow artist Sarah Burns will be painting a large scale mural on the outside of The Garden Spout building. This is a huge thank you project for all of our good friends at The Garden Spout who are graciously hosting the mobile shop in their parking lot in the Foster/Powell neighborhood!

September 1-15-Swordfish Tattoo will be headed to the Hermiston area once again. Please book ahead if you would like some new ink while I’m in town!


We frequently attend festivals and other events.  If you are interested in having us stop by your event, send us an email with the details.